All The Bright Places – Review

In a constant search for interesting books to read, I found “All the bright places”. I must say that at first I felt quite excited because I thought, in part because of the title, the book would tell a positive and beautiful story to read.

While I was reading, I noticed a decay of the sound parts, in a psychological level, of each character. The whole story is shrouded in suicidal feelings and inability to face the world and overcome the trauma.
Both main characters went through traumatic moments in their lives, the acceptance and ability to overcome obstacles is what will condition the overwhelming outcome of this story.

I can not say that the book was a complete disappointment because at some point I was already prepared for the worst. But it’s one of those books that I only wanted everything to end well.

It’s a book made to break your heart. It is a book that leaves us with a feeling of revolt that will take days to pass.

I’m still traumatized …


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