Valkyrie Book 1 – Review

I started reading this book a bit reticent but as the pages passed through my empathy to the main character increased. Freya, the fearless Valkyrie, inspired by the Norse goddess who shares the same name.
It’s a captivating book from the beginning to the end. Thrilling from the start and with an incredible story, full of adventure. I was really not expecting to be surprised by the book. The sad moments are always compensated by the plot twists.
It’s certainly a good read which shows that even being different is always possible to change things and that we should always face bullying and not let it turn into a trivial behavior. It’s something that should be punished because, both physical and verbal violence, affects the human being that is a victim. And we, as living beings, we have the right to be respected and to live in community. Being friends with each other is more important than inflict suffer. The world can’t be violence. Live can’t be synonymous of constant fear.


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