Gregor The Overlander (Suzanne Collins) – Review

Gregor The Overlander is book writen by Suzanne Collins, the same author of The Hunger Games’s triology. It’s an adventure book and it’s full of fantastic things. It’s a world full of rats, bats, cockroaches and underground people.

Gregor is the main character and his name was put in a prophecy many years ago. He is the one who can save the mistery land and save his father. He can count with the help of a lot of people in that world and with the company of his cute little sister, Boots, he will be able to fulfill the prophecy and to return to New York City.

This book was a great reading experience because it was something new and younger. It’s a writing completely different from the hunger games, it’s not envolved in that aura of sadness and disgrace. But there are some particularities they have something in common. Especially the father’s figure. In Hunger Games it was an utopic memory, because when Katniss’s father was alive, everything was tolerable and there was more happiness, and the same happens in this book. Before Gregor’s father disappeared, everything was amazing and his family was a happy one, but after that, everything turned grey.

There will be more books and more prophecies and I can’t wait to read all of them!


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