Gregor and The Prophecy of Bane – Suzanne Collins Review

This is the second book of the series  The Chronicles of the Underground by Suzanne Collins. It’s a new adventure to Gregor and his sister.

Although they have already rescued their father, things have never been as they once were. Partly because the father got his mental health weakened and so he is recovering gradually.

Gregor continues to fight for his family conditions of living and continues to try to make his sisters happy.

When he thought he would never return to the underground, Boots is kidnapped and Gregor finds himself, again, on an adventure to save his sister, and on this journey he finds himself involved in another prophecy.

It’s a book full of adventure and new realities that only the magic of Suzanne Collins’s writing could bring us. There is the pain of loss, the mourning still to be done and all the feelings of anguish and revolt on the part of incredible characters who were brought to life in the most peculiar moments.

Once again there are unexpected revolts and endless battles. More deaths have happened, and fear hangs over Regalia. Is there still hope for Luxa?

It has been a great adventure to travel through the pages of these books. I can not wait to read the sequel.


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